Your bedroom should be a calm, cozy and inviting space. After a long hard day at work, all I want is a refuge to forget the days stress and troubles. As the weather begins to cool down, one way to introduce autumn’s coziness to your bedroom is from the use of texture and color. Here are some easy tips to create an inviting space this fall season.

1. Less Is More

Free the room of clutter, not just the floor, but the walls too. Choose a focal wall and add one or two pieces of art or a statement accessory. Streamline the room and get rid of extra furniture that is not needed.

2. Five Star Luxury Bed.

There is nothing better than sinking into a cozy comfortable bed. Invest in a great comforter and add a few plush throw pillows and blanket to create a luxurious bed.

3. One Night Stand

A key element in every bedroom is the night stand. I’m not a fan of matchy-matchy furniture. In my bedroom, I have just one night stand. Before I go to sleep, I have to read and sip on something, whether is water or a glass of wine and need a place to rest these items.

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