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“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” By now you know the importance of getting at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. Use the excuse-buster list below when you find yourself reasoning your way out of reaching for a peach to reach for a bag of chips. Excuses are easy to make, but with a little exploration, you’ll find that they are also easy to break.

Excuse 1: Buying fruits and vegetables can be costly and they spoil too quickly.


* Buy the in-season and fresh. They will be cheaper AND at their peak of flavor. Consider the fact that you are getting nutrient-dense foods that your body craves, full of vitamins and minerals. They are certainly better buys than chips, cookies, and soda, which we normally buy regardless of cost.

* Buy both ripe and unripe items (for example, yellow and green bananas). That way you have some for immediate eating the first few days while the others are ripening.

* Keep fruits and vegetables on the top shelf of the fridge, on the kitchen counter or table. If you see them several times in a day, you will be more likely to eat them before they spoil.

Excuse 2: They take too long to prepare.


* Take advantage of your grocery salad bar, which provides already sliced varieties. Eat them in snack form or toss in a salad with less prep time.

* Stock up on frozen and canned fruits and vegetables. These are simple to prepare in the microwave and offer similar nutritional value to the fresh variety. Sometimes frozen vegetables lock in nutrients better than “fresh” ones that have sat for a few days. If buying canned food, look for the low-sodium varieties.

* Wash, slice, and dice ahead of time. Store in a clear container in the front of your fridge where you can see and reach for it on a daily basis for immediate use.

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It’s especially great after a workout!

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