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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I am a woman who absolutely enjoys pleasing a man orally, and I take it kind of seriously. If I’m going to do it, I wanna do it right. I’ve read books, asked advice, and even had a close male friend tutor me. There’s nothing like hands on learning.

But, the one thing that just can’t be taught is how to deep-throat. I have a special friend who is so big. Real talk! It’s so beautiful, but that bad boy is huge.

So, the problem is he really likes for me to take it all in my mouth. It’s no problem the other way. LOL! But, I can only get maybe half of it in my mouth before I’m ready to vomit. I have pathetic gag reflexes. Is there anything that can help me — Creams, breathing techniques, prayers, a pill, or yoga? Or, am I just gonna have to stick with the top half? — Fellatio Goddess in Training

“I Slept With My Brother’s Friend & Now He Doesn’t Want To Be With Me”

Dear Fellatio Goddess In Training,

You! Better! Work!

Okay, let me compose myself.

My suggestion is, “Practice, practice, practice. It only makes for perfect.” And if he is willing to let you practice on him, then what a wonderful time you two could have together.

And, I totally feel you on the gag reflexes. When I brush my teeth, I brush my tongue and feel as if I am going to vomit. I tend to refocus on something else. It helps sometimes, but most times it doesn’t. Did you know that the gag reflex is your body’s natural defense against choking on foreign objects, but up to one-third of healthy people don’t even have it! WOW!

But, I am going to open this forum up and let the experts, the women who love to do it, and the men who love having it done, answer for you. So, all of you who women who may know of any special techniques, or any men who have any tips please feel free to share.

Also, Ms. Fellatio Goddess In Training, this is what I was able to find on-line:

Breathe through your nose. Taking a nasal decongestant beforehand can help clear the nasal passageways and facilitate breathing, if your nose is congested.

Lift both of your legs, if you’re sitting or lying down on your back. Tightening your abdominal muscles might help stop gagging.

Numb your soft palate. When an object touches the soft palate (the back of the roof of your mouth), that’s what triggers the gag reflex. You can use a throat spray that uses numbing to relieve sore throat pain, or a gel that’s normally used to relieve tooth pain. The effects should last for about an hour, and your soft palate will be less sensitive.

Disengage your gag reflex. By gradually getting your soft palate accustomed to being touched, you can minimize the gag reflex, or perhaps even get rid of it completely. This is the first step that sword swallowers must take and it does require effort and patience over time.

Find out where your gag reflex starts. This can be done by simply using your toothbrush to brush your tongue. The point nearest the front of your tongue that makes you gag is where you want to concentrate.

Brush your tongue right where your gag begins. Yes, you’ll gag. It will be unpleasant, but not for long. Spend about 10 seconds brushing that area (and gagging), and call it a night.

Repeat the process over the next few nights in the exact same spot. You’ll notice you gag less each time you do it.

Increase the brushing area. Once you can touch your toothbrush on that spot without gagging, it’s time to move the toothbrush further back. Try brushing 1/4-1/2 inch behind where your gag used to begin. This is your new starting point. Repeat the process as you did in the first spot.

Continue moving the brush further. Each time you move the toothbrush back, your gag has been desensitized in the previous spot. Keep moving it further and further back until you’ve reached the furthest visual point of your tongue. Eventually, the toothbrush will come in contact with the soft palate, if it hasn’t already.

Be persistent. This whole process should take approximately a month to complete. When it’s all said and done, you should be able to have a doctor swab the back of your throat without gagging. You might have to re-do the process from time to time, as your reflex may return if you don’t. – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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