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Think you need to go to the gym to get a body that’s really strong and sculpted? Not so.

Hover squat Hover above a chair seat as if you were going to sit down, without letting your butt or thighs touch the seat. Hold for 30 seconds, building up to 1 minute. Do these whenever you get a moment, aiming for once an hour.

Kitchen dip Every time you’re in the kitchen, perform triceps dips using a kitchen chair: Stand in front of a chair as if you were going to sit down, then bend knees and lower hips, placing hands on the seat edge, fingers pointing forward, arms straight. Walk feet forward, and with feet flat and torso erect, bend and straighten arms, keeping butt close to chair seat without touching it. Do 8-15 reps.

Shopping squeeze As you push your shopping cart, or whenever you’re walking, contract your butt muscles as tightly as you can and keep them contracted as you walk. (No one has to know!)

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(From shape.com)

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