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Sex, death and birth and the three common denominators of all things that exist. Everyone is born or created, everyone’s life force ends at some point. Lastly, everyone has sex. Well, everyone wants to have sex. So much so that some people have to put themselves on restrictions or make bets just to test their ability to forgo the pleasures of penetration. Take for instance Kandi Burruss.

On the season premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 3, Kandi Burruss discussed a bet she had with her friend to abstain from sex for a whole year. When her new love interest, Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee, asked, “Does that include oral sex?” Burrus said, “No, our bet does not include oral sex.”

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What? How so Kandi? There are people who are going to vehemently disagree with me, but I tend to lean towards the concept that any sex is sex. Whether it be oral, or penetration. Actually, I feel like if you make a decision to be abstinent for whatever reason then you are cheating on that decision if you receive oral sex. There is no getting around it. Let’s break down  and compare the similarities between sex and oral sex and the reasons why if you engage in either you are in fact not practicing abstinence.

1. First of all, sex and oral sex can bring one to an orgasm. You can have mind blowing sex and reach a climax but you can also receive mind blowing oral sex or even average oral sex and still reach a climax. That is a major contributor to the reason why people have sex. They want to feel that climactic explosion. So if you can get that same feeling from oral sex then aren’t you cheating on being abstinent?

2. Both sex and oral sex involve both parties exchanging fluids of some kind. How can you say you are being abstinent when you are still swapping fluids with another person?

3. Both sex and oral sex involve a high level of intimacy. Both parties are in close contact.  Abstinence requires you to abstain from intimate situations.

4. Diseases. You can still catch a disease from oral sex and sex. There is still that possibility that you might be putting your mouth on the wrong person that could scar you for life.

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