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“Media can be one heck of a powerful tool”, a professor in college once said to me. So how powerful do you consider the very people your teen watches and listens too on a daily bases? From the countless reality television shows, to the musical influences of Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, it’s hard to keep up with your child’s current role model.

Every parent worries about their children in some way, but is today’s celebrity too strong of an influence? Celebrities are everywhere we turn. The age to be famous changes everyday, but the vary question is why are these people such a heavy influence on today’s youth?

To answer this question you have to look at how the media influences you as an adult. From the cell phones you buy to the way you dress, the media is indeed one of the moving forces in a lot of the decisions you make. Whether positive or negative, we can’t deny that this force is whispering in our child’s hears. It’s up to us to try and sway our children to a better path. Whether your child is a follow or a leader, the heavy influence of today’s pop or television artist still lingers in their minds.

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Sex, drugs and jail sentences are sometimes all our children see from the very people they adore. Censoring and controlling everyone of your child’s moves often leads to rebellion and resentment.

The best way to fix this wrong path that your child could go down, is by talking and quality time. Discussion should be made in regards to what your child is listening too and watching on television.

Conversation is the key and if we don’t communicate the stars of today will do it for us.

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