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Dear Kareem,

This is for a friend of mine. She has been dating a guy for 22 years and they were engaged. She found out he was cheating and broke up with him. He ended up marrying the woman he cheated with and divorcing her. He got into many relationships that failed and continues to do this. However, throughout the years, all of the women who have come into his life have always known about her. Recently, in 2005, they tried dating again. He took her with him to pick out a 3-bedroom house (the one she liked), put her name on the insurance of one of his cars, and then took her to pick out the furniture to go in the house. But when he asked her to move in, she told him no because she didn’t want to shack up – she wanted to be married. So he moved another woman in, but it didn’t work out.

What does this mean?

Kareem Says:

What does this mean? Are you kidding me? Like, are you for real? First off, who dates anyone for 22 years? That’s a freaking lifetime. Hell, it’s more than half my lifetime. Your friend must have an addiction to wasting time. And what type of friend are you to let her keep wasting herself on this dude? MY GOD! This is one of the most ridiculous questions that I’ve been posed. Common sense should dictate this answer. Damn… this dude must have an industrial-sized jackhammer in his pants to be getting away with this crap for two decades.


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Did YOUR man cheat? Should you forgive him?

What should you do if you’re the other woman?

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