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If you can’t afford the latest Minx manicure treatment like all the celebrities, try the D-I-Y set by Nail Rock. It looks just as good, and is a fifth of the price!


How To Get Solange’s Polka Dot Nails For Under $10

DIY: Get Celebrity-Style Minx Nails At Home With OPI Chic Prints


1. Gently ease cuticle back and remove any nail polish.

2. Shape and file the nail edge.

3. Gently remove surface shine using a nail buffer or a smooth nail file.

4. Select Nail Rock Wrap nearest your Cuticle size. These can be trimmed to fit if needed.

5. Do not touch the adhesive side of the wrap that will be used on your nail.

6. Gently place at cuticle edge and apply heat from a small or travel hairdryer for a few seconds until the wrap begins to soften.

7. Applying firm pressure, push the wrap onto one side of the nail bed. Re-apply heat and repeat on the other side.

8. Re-apply heat and push firmly over the entire nail for a secure fit. If there is a crease; re-heat, gently lift the wrap off the nail and reapply adding further heat if necessary.

9. File off excess wrap at the end of the nail in a downward motion with a fine wooden file.


1. Apply heat and peel off gently.

2. Nail polish remover may be needed to remove excess adhesive off the nail bed.

  • Apply the transfer in just 15 minutes
  • Will last up to 10 days on your nails
  • Will last up to 8 weeks on your toenail
  • Animal Prints also available Snake Rust Brown, Metallic Lizard, and Cyan Velvet Leopardskin
  • $10.95 at ASOS

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