Okay, I think Kanye West is pretty ridiculous. In fact, one of the most ridiculous celebrities out there. He’s pompous, dramatic, and, occasionally, totally delusional. But when I read this article by Clutch‘s Alaina Lewis, I got to thinking – in a lot of ways, he IS the perfect boyfriend. Damnit.

[From Clutch Magazine]

In a time when men are coming up short on footing the bill on the first date to also showing up with nothing more than dirty tennis shoes and third base dreams, a gal still got to have her fantasies, right? Let’s be real, sometimes loving with your eyes closed, can making living with your eyes open a more tolerable experience.

So after a few swills of Cristal courtesy of someone else’s champagne bottle in V.I.P (while they weren’t looking, mind you), and before I was reluctantly escorted out the club for sneaking past security to make my way towards all the ballers and celebrities, I began to ponder… and as I started to feel a lil’ tipsy, my thoughts progressed to what I knew could be my reality. Next thing you know I’m lying in my bed in an aviator shade induced dream, looking through the window of my ray bans envisioning an 808 and Heartbreaks Destiny. Kanye as my man? Here’s the top 10 reasons why he should be…

1. He’s college educated.

Sure, he was once a College Dropout, but he made it back in time regardless of the Late Registration, and eventually copped that Magna Cum Laude position when he crossed the threshold unto “Stadium Status,” on that faithful Graduation day.

2. He works a 9 to 5.

Or a 6 to 2, or 4 to 12. Hell, he’s got a steady job bringing home a paycheck. Need I say more? The only thing you need to support him in is his unique fashion sense, rather than personally funding his musical dream. Which leads me to the next point…

3) He’s a sharp dressed man

He’s sharp all right, sometimes too slick for even me to handle. But you’ve got to love a man who’s not afraid to take risks even if that means bringing back the Members Only Jacket from 1983. Can you say, “Thriller, Thriller Night…” Get ‘em ‘Ye!

4) He’s confident in his manhood.

There’s nothing wrong with a man staying fresh, groomed and sitting in the front of row during New York City’s Fashion Week to keep up on his style profiling. A man who is secure within himself wants to look good for his woman and that takes a little dedication, right? I mean let’s face it ladies, who wants to date a man that our girlfriends don’t secretly want? But don’t get ahead of yourself though. We’ve already established that ‘Ye is mine.

5) He’s “book learned.”

Yes Ladies, not only does Mr. West have an appetite for reading and writing blogs via his website, but this genius has packaged all that intellectual-sexy in a co-authored book entitled Thank You and You’re Welcome. That’ll probably make for a good bedtime story, if you know what I mean.

What are five more ways Kanye West is the perfect mate? Click here to find out.

Kanye IS pretty stylish, but someone else still beat him for the Fashionisto crown. Who is it? This guy!

And just think – even if Kanye’s NOT your boyfriend, you still might be able to see him naked!

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