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Here are some decorating ideas that can help make your bedroom more cozy without breaking the bank

(From apartmenttherapy.com)

1. Think about a night table for each side of the bed and keep them clutter free.

2. Keep the room clean. An air purifiermakes this job easier.

3. Make the bed as soon as you get up. This alone can transform the bedroom. You might have to rethink your bedding so this is possible. We use a fitted sheet and a duvet with a cover. A few quick shakes and we’re done.

4. Buy flowers weekly. We’ve sometimes gone with a plant or a bowl of fresh lemons, oranges or apples.

5. Keep storage under the bed to a minimum. We’d love to keep this space clear but if we have to use it, we keep it clean and neat.

6. Air out the pillows monthly and change the sheets weekly. Check here for a great tip on freshening your pillow!

7. Think about moving the tv out of the bedroom. We were surprised at how much better we sleep. Instead we read, write or listen to music.

8. Set out a bottle of water. With a glass before bed and a glass when we get up, we’ve knocked out two of those sometimes-hard-to-get-to eight glasses a day.

9. Think about a rug. We love that our feet have someplace soft to land.

10. How’s your lighting? Our bedroom has three sources — a lamp for each side of the bed and another lamp across the room.

11. Break out the candles you received as gifts. Candles, room diffusers, room sprays, and linen sprays — great scents can really help set a mood.

12. Remove jarring, violent or depressing images. Enough said!

13. Don’t let the clothes pile up.

14. Take out the desk. We try to keep our bedroom for relaxing, recreation, rest and rejuvenation and leave work in another room.

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