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Hey Kareem,

My babydaddy is married, but me and him still mess around. He thinks I don’t know that he is married. He never wears his ring around me, and one day he slipped up and had it on when I came to his job. I looked at his hand a second time, and it was off. He always tells me he still has feelings for me, and even though I try to shake him, I can’t. What should I do?

Kareem Says,

Sweetie, I think you need to stop sleeping with a married man. He clearly chose to be with someone else besides you. He may still have feelings for you, or feelings for your vagina, but eventually this is going to blow up and end badly – with either you, his wife, or your child being hurt by his infidelity. I think you need to call him out on his marriage. You are playing the dummy role by not acknowledging what is clearly in your face. Which is: HE IS MARRIED AND STILL LIKES TO KEEP YOU AS THE SIDE PIECE. YOU ARE EASY AND CONVENIENT.

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