Do you believe in the concept or the saying, “Black Love”? Is there such a thing as “Black Love”. I’m not talking about self pride in your community or building self esteem. When I mention the words Black Love I’m talking about that Love Jones, Nia and Lorenz – type of feeling, the Ossie and Ruby, Cliff and Clair, Lamar and Ronnie, etc, etc, etc… Black Love.

From time to time I’ll see it mentioned on different sites around the web (like Some people take a great deal of pride in the concept of black love and others are disgusted with the thought of it and profess that love has no color associated with it.

I’ve heard it explained that there is a special bond between a black man and a black woman and this is the basis of the one and only Black Love.

Holla back at us and tell us what you think.

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