Booty Pops, padded bras, butt injections. All things that are done to enhance the beauty of women.  Most women go out and purchase these things in hope of bettering their self image and of course attracting the opposite sex. The question has never been posed to men as to whether or not they find any of these added attributes attractive.

Initially these techniques might attract the man. Especially if he thinks that these features are genuine. What happens after the initial fascination stage? What happens when you go home and the clothes come off and lo and behold there is a Booty Pop lying on the bed? Would that mean that the guy would be immediately turned off or would it even matter to him?

Would You Get Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian?

I find that most women assume that most men could care less about whether or not a chicks assets are real or not. Chicks buy fake breasts all the time and no one seems to care. Women assume that most men are such hound dogs that they do not care whether a chicks butt is fake or real. Well ladies, it seems that there are many guys who find the idea of a chick wearing a booty pad to be repugnant.  One would assume that these same guys would also find butt injections to be equally disturbing but I’m finding that that is not the case.

Booty Pops are seen as a joke used by the woman desperate for a shapely figure. What a loser she must be. While everyone from singers to actresses to celebutants get butt injections and it is not nearly as comical. In fact, they are adored for their new found assets. Sure I may come across a website that has a post that mentions a star who they suspect has received butt injections and they show the before and after pictures. Still, it is not being made into a joke nearly as much. She still can be celebrated for her decision to take it all the way and not half ass it with the safer choice, Booty Pops.

There seems to be a line drawn between having surgery to enhance yourself permanently and attaching an enhancement. As a woman, I personally would find the Booty Pop to be the safest route. No surgeries, no risk of death or injury, I can change my mind about the look at will and it is far less expensive. This question is directed towards the guys. Why are Booty Pops being made into a mockery but butt injections are acceptable? Would we rather  women to go as far as going under the knife or receive injections for beauty?

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