butt injections

K. Michelle was overcome with emotion on The Fam In The Morning when she clarified what happened leading up to a controversial missed appearance at the radio station that led to a massive fallout last year. 

As women continue to be heavily influenced by celebrities and their frequent use of plastic surgery, many find themselves resorting to dangerous and even deadly measures to mimic the overly enhanced look that they see glorified on a regular basis. This is exactly what happened to a Florida woman who died as a result of […]

Also in today's roundup, the Boko Haram terrorizes more villages in Nigeria and President Obama is at odds with House Democrats over today's vote on the Pacific Trade Deal.

A Maryland woman is dead after a botched illegal butt injections operation.

A 54-year-old transgender woman from Mississippi has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison after performing an “unlicensed silicone buttocks” injection that resulted in a death. Tracey Lynn Garner, reportedly performed the injections on 37-year-old Karima Gordon in 2012 after Garner granted her request for the “underground, bargain basement butt enhancement,” said Garner’s attorney John M. Collette. Reuters reports […]

22-year-old Tamara Blaine began convulsing and having a seizure after being injected in the buttocks with silicon during an illegal medical procedure conducted at a pay-per-hour hotel in NYC. Tamara eventually died at the hospital after the woman who injected her, Tamira Mobley, fled the scene and then denied having any involvement with the incident. According to […]

Booty Pops, padded bras, butt injections. All things that are done to enhance the beauty of women.  Most women go out and purchase these things in hope of bettering their self image and of course attracting the opposite sex. The question has never been posed to men as to whether or not they find any […]