Don’t let the miserable morning afters keep you from having an awesome time this summer. With so much available, why miss out on any of the fun opportunities? So go ahead, sing your heart out at karaoke night.  Or show off your talents at trivia night at the local bar.  But when your alarm starts buzzing the next morning, make sure you are ready to deal with what comes along with heavy drinking: hangovers.

Hangover remedies for the weekends are very different than hangover remedies for the weekday. Bumming around on Saturday morning trying to get rid of the headache from hell isn’t as bad as healing yourself on your commute to work.  But if you are stuck on the subway with a stomach ache and headache, try to grab one of these things for the ride:

Water: Not only should you chug this the night before, but continue to do so the morning after… maybe through the afternoon to be safe.  The most important thing is to be hydrated so that your body doesn’t crash.

2 Advil:… Maybe 3. Take this with water and make sure that you have some food in your stomach while you take it.  The worst would be to take it on an empty stomach and end up puking what you don’t even have in your tummy.

Coconut Water: Ice cold coconut water might taste a little odd at first to those of you who haven’t had it/don’t like coconut.  But the flavor is very light in comparison to what you get out of it.  Coconut water is packed with electrolytes… the one thing you need when hungover.

Bagel: Not only are they delicious, but the bread absorbs everything that is upsetting your tummy.  Go easy on the cream cheese and butter and you should be feeling better soon after you eat.

When you have more time to take care of yourself on Saturday or Sunday morning, try to get yourself in the kitchen.  My friends and I like to call this dish The Hangover Cure. It’s a tortilla wrap filled with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and sausage.  Eat it with some hot sauce and you’re golden.  Feeling too sick to stand by the stove? Order it from pretty much any deli or cafe: It’s a common dish that has tons of advantages.

Spend your weekend morning taking it easy after a crazy night.  Movies are long enough to help you relax and they keep you pretty distracted.  I personally enjoy mindless movies when I’m tired and feel out of it.  The perfect hangover movie is the one that I can doze off in the middle of and wake up and not be completely lost.  Solution? Disney movies.  I understand that this probably isn’t everyone’s first choice, but Disney definitely helps me feel better. Not a Disney person? It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has never failed to make me feel better.  When you feel like a sick fool the next morning there is nothing better than watching the cast get themselves in ridiculous situations and then work their way out.

Another remedy is music.  I personally enjoy kicking back to some reggae music.  It’s light, happy, and relaxing.  Long showers or baths never fail to heal any ailment that you might have.  Use your favorite products and let the warm water and steam release you of any stress that you have.

Remember to not let a hangover keep you from going hard again the next day.  Take some time to relax and make yourself feel better before going to town again.  If the morning was especially rough, maybe try a new drink for the next night.  Certain drinks hit you harder the next morning than others.  Do you have any hangover cures that work especially well for you? Fill us in: we could all use the advice!!

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