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A few days ago Kandi Burruss’ mother made a statement saying to the effect that when a woman enters a serious relationship, it is best if the man is more into her than her him.  At least in the beginning stages. I agree with her theory and was taught the same. Before everyone comes after me with a pitch fork let me explain. Kandi’s mother was not insinuating that the woman should have absolutely no interest in the man. She was implying that the man should only slightly be more entangled with her than her with him because she knows the nature of some men.

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Men are beings that often become bored easily in a relationship. They also do not usually purposely seek out love and relationships as often as women do. This is part of the reason why when a man is into you and decides that he wants you and only you it becomes difficult for him to disguise.  Once he has made his mind up he can barely hide his interest and affection towards you because he feels it genuinely. Contrary to that, if he is disinterested in the woman, he will not be able to conceal that for long as well and it is not much she can do to keep his interest.  Kandi’s mother is basically saying that because it is in some men’s nature to become easily bored with their woman, or to have a roving eye, it is best for the woman’s sake when she enters the relationship if the guy is slightly more interested in her than her him because this will be what keeps him from wanting to stray or ever risk losing her.

Kandi’s Mom: Find Someone That Loves You More Than You Love Them

This is not to say that the woman should treat the man like a peasant or have no genuine love and adoration for him.   I am not talking about ridiculously disproportioned love. Obviously for any relationship to work the two must want each other. He simply needs to be only slightly more interested and infatuated with her than her him. This pinch of extra affection is what will motivate him to put his woman on a pedestal or look at her with a certain amount of adoration that most women seek in a relationship.

It also usually helps him in doing what is necessary in maintaining that relationship and his woman’s happiness. Now does this mean that he will be perfect or never find another woman attractive? Of course not. What it means is that the adoration and loyalty he feels for his woman is what is going to prevent him from approaching that other sexy thang on the street.  That slight extra pinch of enamoredness he feels for her could be what is going to make him look at the hot thing on the street and see that she is attractive yet still know that she holds not comparison to what he has at home.

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