If you are a fan of The Boondocks show on the Cartoon Network then you should have watched one of the recent episodes which parodied a gay, cross dressing, Black film Director and Writer. Most who saw the show assumed that it was a mockery of Tyler Perry. Let’s be honest, it was.  Truthfully speaking the episode was one of the funniest ones that have ever aired this season of Boondocks. So, a few jokes here and there but no harm no foul right? Wrong! The rumor is now circulating that Tyler Perry has caught wind of this episode and it was no ha-ha moment for him. So much so that it is also rumored that he has plans on suing the creator of the Boondocks, Aaron Mcgruder and preventing Cartoon Network from ever airing the episode again.

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Why is it that when people get to a certain level of acclaim, they feel that they are above criticism, being questioned, or even a joke? It is not like he is the scientist who cured AIDS, or responsible for something life/politically/socially altering. He is simply a member of the film community. No matter how many successful movies you achieve, it does not alleviate you from criticism or even mockery.  People have the right to offer their acclaim of you as well as their negative opinions of you. Consider other film buffs such as Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas. Both have been in film for much longer than Perry and both have been parodied, mocked, and criticized throughout their career by someone at some point.  For every ten people who thought their movies were  classics, there were ten others who thought it sucked.  Opinions happen, but as long as the person is not outlandishly slandering you then you do not sue.

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What do you do? You get over it. You do not have a tantrum, fire your entire staff and threaten to sue the person who was giving you the dirty dozens. I actually hope that this is a rumor conjured up by the media instead of actually being fact.  If it is true then it certainly makes me loose respect for Perry and it makes me think that he values his ego a tad too much. My piece of advice to Perry would be for him to suck it up. There will always be someone with some opinion of you and all of them will not be positive. I guarantee. If it was not McGruder, at some point it would have been someone else.

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