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Guys, would you take a birth control pill? Ladies, would you trust your man to take the pill consistently? Scientists in Israel say they have developed just that.  The pill would be taken by men once every three months and is said to deactivate sperm before it reaches the womb. The scientists behind the male pill discovery have developed a tablet that removes a vital protein in sperm that is required for a woman to conceive. So while sperm still can get through to the uterus they are unable to fertilize an egg. They say that the pill is 100 percent effective and that there are no side effects as there are with many female contraceptives.

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For years the burden of preventing pregnancy has been toppled onto the woman. We are the ones who must make the consistent trips to the gynecologist. We are the ones who must remember to pick up the prescription every month, and God forbid if you forget to take your pill on one day. It is also us that have to suffer the side effects of birth control pills such as weight gain, moodiness, increase in hunger etc…

It would seem that this new pill is a way to even out the playing fields of sexual responsibility between men and women. At the same time, by giving the responsibility over to men, are we also giving up the control over our bodies that we lacked for so many years in the past? After all, birth control pills finally gave women some sense of control over their bodies and the choice of when and if they wanted to have children. Would entrusting men with the responsibility of birth control pills be like giving that same control back to men?

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The bigger question is: Should we trust it? Contrary to the male birth control pill, scientists and individuals in the medical field have had years to perfect birth control pills for women. Also, I don’t know many women would entrust that responsibility of remembering to take the pill unto their man. Ladies, would your man be willing to take this? Could you trust him to remember to take the pill? Thoughts?

Via: Telegraph.Co.Uk

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