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What if your child went missing, but news of this terrifying event was only covered on local news stations, despite similarities to another case on national TV? It’s horrible to think of any child going missing, especially when they’re young and could be in grave danger. This type of incident happens all too often, but the idea that one child is white and the other black shouldn’t have a bearing on how much coverage the stories get. However, this very incident happened to Anthony Thomas, a black boy from Washington DC who went missing, while Kyron Horman, a white child from Portland, Oregon who disappeared under similar circumstances. This story was compared to the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson, a black woman who went missing and shared the cover of People magazine with someone else. Mitrice Richardson’s father has been working hard to make sure her case gets the coverage it deserves, which is definitely a step forward, but that still doesn’t help the fact that there’s a discrepancy in news coverage of missing persons.

Personally, I think news coverage should be equal. Anyone going missing is a tragedy and although not everyone can get equal coverage, there shouldn’t be such a difference of race, gender, or creed in who gets more air time. Everyone’s worth something and should have a chance to have their voice heard. The new coverage differences may be subtle, but they’re still there and should be recognized in the national media in order for them to change.

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