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Sometimes called the afternoon slump, it’s the time of day when you feel tired and lethargic, and you have increasing difficulty staying alert and focused. Here are some tips on how to get energized during the middle of the day.


1. Start your day with a drink – and keep drinking

Rise and shine with a tall cool glass of water. Your body can get dehydrated while you sleep, resulting in you feeling extra fatigued upon awakening. And if you start hydrating in the morning, you will be less likely to hit that midday slump. Aim to drink a glass of water every couple of hours.

2. Include protein and fiber in your morning meal

A donut and coffee combo is sure to send your midday energy levels plummeting – that instant energy from the sugar and caffeine is short-lived. However, studies show that eating a well-balanced breakfast will keep you full and energized throughout the morning so you aren’t dragging at noon. For example, have an egg or sausage with whole grain pancakes or toast, or mix high-fiber cereal with yogurt.

3. Have some coffee with your milk

If you can’t imagine your morning without coffee, skip the sugary, energy-sapping blended coffees and have a latte – half coffee and half milk. The caffeine will give you a lift and the milk will help sustain it. Straight coffee or coffee heavy on the sugar will also give you instant energy but then result in a crash an hour or two later. Keep in mind, however, coffee with milk is not a substitute for a well-balanced breakfast.

4. Nosh a mid-morning snack

If your high-energy morning causes you to quickly burn through your breakfast, have a light snack before your lunch hour. A small mid-morning meal will keep you from being exhausted and ravenous at noon and potentially overeating. Grab a handful of nuts and dried fruit, sip a satisfying smoothie, or nosh a few whole grain crackers spread with a protein-rich nut butter.

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