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Hey single ladies! Are you tired of being single?  Want a good man in your life to love you and treat you right? Want to have a husband and a family? If the answers were yes to all of the questions then we have a perfect concept for you. Now it is not a new concept, in fact it has been around since the dawn of man. However, as human kind went on and the relationships between men and women strained more, this concept has become more prevalent. Are you ready for this awesome advice? Great then! All you ladies have to do is go out, find a married man who seems like he is generally a decent man, has already been conditioned by his wife, and you Take Him!

Now the key to this working is that you have to either arouse his interest enough for him to even consider cheating on his wife OR willingly accept his advance and open your legs to him despite the fact that you know he is married. However, if you play your cards right you can have a new husband, new baby, and new family within two years tops! Even super stars like Alicia Keys are getting in on this concept. Why shouldn’t you?

Ok, in all seriousness, doesn’t that seem like how the advertising for such a product would be? Like it would be the easy alternative to finding an unmarried man?

I Really Want To Be With Him But I Think He Is Playing Me

I have noticed as of late that there have been two contrasting opinions about whether a man can truly be “taken” from another woman. I must admit it is a conflicting situation. However, I am of the opinion that a man cannot necessarily be taken but he damn sure can be enticed to leave. Now some people may not feel that there is a big difference between the two. If the other woman is sleeping with the married men then yes she is enticing him to leave his wife. I do feel as though it is always the man’s final decision to stay faithful to his wife or to cheat on her. But if another woman is there and she knows that he is married and she either entices him to cheat or assists him in cheating by spreading her legs despite her knowing his relationship status, then yes she is as much to blame as he is. Even your precious Alicia Keys has some blame in this situation. Sorry stans.

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It is a sad day when women will defend the actions of another woman who knew that the man was married by saying comments like “well his wife should have been handling her business” and using that as justification for in all honesty… doing some hoe s**t.  This lets me know what kinds of woman you truly are. If that man isn’t happy with his wife then he should leave and he does not need your assistance in cheating on his wife by giving in to his advances. If he truly feels that his marriage is over, in which he has a right to, then he should leave his wife before starting a new relationship with another woman. The other woman’s desire to have a man should not outweigh her own self respect as a woman. In other words, it doesn’t matter how good of a man you think he is, or how special your bond is with him. You should not settle for  the role of a mistress.

I am not completely blaming the other woman in this situation. Trust me I know men can be hound dogs. All I am asking is for women to respect other women. If you know the man is married then why should you deal with him? Consider it from the point of view that one day you might want your own husband and family. Would you want a woman trying to “take” your man? Can a man be taken?

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