Stress Eating: 5 Ways To Finally Beat It

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black woman eatingLife is a challenge, plain and simple. Work, family, school, personal dilemmas…all of these routine parts of life can all result in one thing: stress. Unfortunately, many people deal with stress by adopting unhealthy habits, particularly poor eating habits, that, while delivering temporary comfort, often add to the stress that’s already overwhelming them.

So what’s the secret to resisting stress-induced temptations?

When you find yourself reaching for some treat that you know isn’t good for you (and that you probably don’t even actually want), try this instead:

1. Do one or two healthy things every day. Each and every day, commit to one or two good-for-you behaviors that you can really stick to. Exercise, drink 8 glasses of water, get in all your fruits and veggies. The choice is yours, but make sure you stick to it every single day.

2. Work out. Working out isn’t just for burning fat and toning muscles. It’s also a great way to release all that stressful frustration, anger and/or anxiety.

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3. Start a food journal. Yes, it sounds like such a chore, at least at first, but writing down the food you eat truly is one of the most powerful tools around to help control eating and lose/maintain weight.

4. Ask for help. If possible, consult with a doctor or a dietician. Or, ask a friend or family member to help keep you on track.

5. Don’t forget your omega 3. When you’re in a chronic state of stress, cortisol (a hormone that helps regulate energy and maintains homeostasis) is released, which causes a state of chronic inflammation. Omega 3 is well-known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

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