Our Mission

HelloBeautiful is the premiere site for the Black woman who seeks total control of her life. At HelloBeautiful we seek to provide a community where women can learn, share and empower each other to become their most fabulous selves–while indulging their guilty pleasures.

Our Beliefs

At HelloBeautiful we believe that Black women are diverse and dynamic.  We are feminists and fashionistas; regally relaxed and naturalistas; big spenders and frugalistas.

We believe that Black women are smart and fun, ambitious and caring, determined and loving.

At HelloBeautiful a woman gets what she wants, when she wants it.

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About Interactive One

Interactive One has more than 15 million members and reaches millions of Black and Latino Americans each month. With approximately 3 billion annual page views on its suite of sites, the company has become the definitive online resource for the urban community through its suite of social, content and radio sites such as the iconic BlackPlanet (www.BlackPlanet.com), the newly launched BlackPlanetNEXT (www.BlackPlanetNEXT.com), and the new BlackPlanet RADIO (www.BlackPlanetRadio.com), the digital industry’s first social radio website created for the African American community. Interactive One is also home to several leading contentsites including: NewsOne (www.NewsOne.com), which provides up to the minute, comprehensive coverage of newsworthy events relevant to Black Americans across the country and the world; TheUrbanDaily (www.TheUrbanDaily.com), the eyes and ears for Black Americans looking for what’s hot online, on the airwaves, intheaters, and on the street; HelloBeautiful (www.HelloBeautiful.com), the definitive lifestyle resource for today’s Black woman; Elev8 (www.Elev8.com) a site devoted to elevating the mind, body and spirit.


Interactive One was launched by Radio One, Inc. in 2008 to complement Radio One’s existing portfolio of media companies targeting Black Americans. Since its launch, Interactive One has quickly become the #1 online platform for the African American and urban community