Black Female FAU Student Has Meltdown In Class: Hits White Classmates!

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fau studentThe black community is in an uproar over the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a self-appointed watchman who shot him after deeming him suspicious based on his attire.

Jonatha Carr, a black student at FAU had a severe meltdown the day after being interviewed about Trayvon and expressed that she was devastated by the murder. In Evolution class, her emotions hit a boiling point and she threatened to “kill the f**k” out her professor and and fellow classmates. She smacked a white student then told him that he raped her ancestors after calling each of the on-lookers “ni**ers”

Jonatha was arrested then tased by police.

A second look for another classmate:

Trayvon Martin Tragedy And The “Stand Your Ground Law”

What You Should Know About Trayvon Martin And How You Can Help




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