"We have made mistakes too, publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant. I take full responsibility for those mistakes."

Destiny Tompkins put her store managers on blast after she was threatened to have her hours cut if she didn't change her hair style.

911 call taker Alicia Coleman hopes that her lawsuit will prevent other women from having to experience this same type of humiliation.


It isn’t hard to realize that the banning of wearing dreadlocks in the workplace is racial discrimination, but apparently the U.S. Appeals Court didn’t see it that way, as the judgment was a unanimous decision that legally prohibits individuals from wearing dreadlocks in the workplace.

Howard graduate Briggitta Hardin says she was fired from her job at a sports bar because of her skin color.

A federal jury awarded nearly $15 million to seven warehouse workers who filed a complaint against a trucking company of separating black workers from their white counterparts and hurling racial epitaphs against them.  Six of the plaintiffs who are black and from Mali were fired due to their race and a white whistle-blower was fired from Matheson […]

Over time, I’ve always heard conflicting stereotypes: either that the older a person is, the more their senses are deteriorated OR the more a person ages, the wiser and more intelligent decisions they are able to make. Both have grains of truth in them, yet the real answer comes from a study that AOL News […]