Meanwhile, President Trump wants to know why more students and neighbors didn't report him earlier.


If we’ve learned nothing else from the truly horrible year that is 2017, it’s that white supremacy will rear its ugly head virtually anywhere. According to reports, white supremacists are obtaining law enforcement positions at alarming rates, which is one of the scariest revelations for minorities, specifically black people. To most black people, it comes […]

DeAndre Harris was charged with "unlawful wounding" in the same incident where he was brutally beaten.

Funny how #45's administration was quicker to denounce the "His & Hers" host than they were actual Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville last month.

The dating service had words for Chris Cantwell: "Don't be swiping right on our app!"

Bay area police arrested one of the three men involved in the death of William Sims, an award-winning pianist and musician.

Plus, Frank Ocean's mom launches new sunscreen line for people of color and protests heat up in Detroit during Trump's Black church visit.

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At least five Black Lives Matter protesters were shot by white supremacists during peaceful protests for Jamar Clark, the 24-year-old man gunned down by Minneapolis police officers last week.