Slager was found guilty of second-degree murder and obstruction of justice. 

It seems impossible to scroll through your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and news alerts without being bombarded with images of Black and brown men, women and even children being murdered in cold blood at the hands of police all over the country.

One lone juror swore that he couldn't "in good conscience” convict Michael Slager beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury reconvenes on Monday.

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A federal grand jury on Wednesday handed up a three-count indictment against former North Charleston, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager in the fatal shooting of Walter Scott on April 4, 2015, according to a statement from Vanita Gupta, head of the Civil Rights Division, and U. S. Attorney Bill Nettles of the District of South Carolina. Slager was charged with a […]

The North Charleston, South Carolina police officer who shot an unarmed Black man eight times as he was running away was granted a $500,000 bond Monday afternoon

The police organization that's supposed to protect officers in shooting incidents refuses to represent ex-cop Michael Slager who lied about killing Walter Scott in self defense.

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As a result of civilians using their mobile devices to record encounters with local law enforcement many police officers across the country are angry and upset.

The family of Walter Scott, who was shot and killed by a cop in North Charleston, SC, reached the $6.5 million deal with the city.


A South Carolina grand jury returned a murder indictment on Monday against a White former police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Black man.

The cat is out of the bag; what was in darkness has come to light, and you know the rest. Since police are notoriously inaccurate for reporting their own messes, and the federal government has difficulty keeping tally, The Washington Post decided track the number of police-related fatalaties in 2015. In the first five months […]

With a rising tide of tension surging between police officers and the Black community, the #BlackLivesMatter protests and the unfortunate series of events surrounding them have given us plenty to talk about. From race to police brutality to the deadly biases inflicted upon the poor souls that have been caught in the wrong place at […]

We’re not sure if we can believe police reports these days, but according to a police report obtained by The Guardian, North Charleston police officer and Walter Scott’s killer Michael Slager, laughed and talked about his “adrenaline pumping” after shooting Scott. His conversation with a senior officer included a briefing on the protocols of police […]