Black Twitter dragged the "Jane The Virgin" star for fake crying in an interview with Sway when asked about her perceived negativity towards Black folks.

The comedian/actress talks about another, often forgotten about awards ceremony that she holds in greater esteem than the Academy Awards.

Kanye West let radio personalities Sway and Charlemagne Tha God know how he really felt during a concert rant in University Park, PA last night. What was the moral of his message? “Shut the f*** up!” he said. MUST READ: Kanye West’s ‘You Ain’t Got The Answers’ Rant Becomes Autotune Classic [VIDEO] “Ten years of this […]

Sway Calloway does have the answers and he’s sharing it with the world! Just a week after Kanye West’s infamous “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS SWAY!” rant, the TV host has found a comedic way to profit of the interview with a new line of “I Got The Answers” t-shirts. MUST READ: AM BUZZ: Kanye Goes […]

During an interview with Sway Calloway on SiriusXM’s “Sway In The Morning” show, Kanye West blacked completely out on Calloway and DJ H2 has transformed the tirade into an epic autotune insta-classic. MUST READ: Zimmerman’s Attorneys Hit Him With $2.5 Mil Bill Calloway simply asked West — as a “homie” — why doesn’t he empower himself […]

Remember when MTV put out the list of the hottest MCs and Kanye West ranted and raved about being in the #7 spot? Yeah, that was one of my favorite Yeezy rants too because he started going in on MTV’s Sway about that time he gifted him with his first TV and he wanted Sway […]