#MyNameIsnt gives women space to combat the normalization of catcalling and harassment.

Mark Dorch is the suspect who has been charged with the death of Mary “Unique” Spears, the Detroit woman who was shot and killed after rejecting a man’s advances. Two men and three women who were outside at the American Legion Louis Post No. 375 were also wounded as Dorch allegedly sprayed the area in […]

Alexandra Tweten created the Bye Felipe Instagram account three weeks ago so that she could compile harassing and hostile messages men send women online after being rejected or ignored. Bye Felipe is clearly a play on the dismissive phrase, “Bye Felicia,” made popular by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in the movie “Friday.” What the […]

A non-profit called Hollaback (a movement to end street harassment and is powered by local activists in 79 cities and 26 countries) teamed up with Rob Bliss of Rob Bliss Creative to create a PSA to highlight the impact of street harassment. In the video above, you can see Shoshana B. Roberts wearing jeans and […]

I can’t believe in the same day that we reported Mary “Unique” Spears getting shot after refusing a man’s advances in Detroit,  news has broken that a 26-year-old woman had her throat slashed in Queens for the same reason. This woman is currently in critical condition after a man attacked her when she turned him down for […]

Not everyone understands what street/sexual harassment is, or why it’s a big deal. Thankfully, one cartoonist has perfectly broken it all down! Instead of offering up another thinkpiece on the very real problem that women face every day, artist Robot Hugs has condensed the basic points into a web comic. She got the idea during a […]

If you listen closely enough, you can hear what guys are actually saying when they hound you with inappropriate advances. Instead of just trying to avoid the random creeps out in society, Buzzfeed is using a little humor to get women inside their heads. That guy demanding your time is probably the loneliest man in the […]

A New York comedienne has found a creative new way to deflect catcaller demands for you to smile all time: Give them what they want! Death in the family? A fight with your friend? Is your job in danger? No one cares! You just need to be concerned with grinning like an Old Navy mannequin […]

Three women from Philadelphia are fighting back against the rampant sexual harassment that goes on at Comic-Con. Every year, thousands of people flock to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), and a bunch of them do it in costume! Dressing up like their favorite character is half the fun of going out for the event for many patrons. […]

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Thursday, July 10 at 12 p.m., NewsOne will host a Twitter chat on Black women and street harassment that you shouldn't miss.

Social media tackled the touchy topic of street harassment with the #NotJustHello hashtag discussion. Twitter user @UJohnsmeyer couldn’t possibly have known that a simple (if clueless) question would spark up a trending topic about a very real problem that women face every day. Walking down the street can often be a guantlet of unwanted physical […]