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A New York comedienne has found a creative new way to deflect catcaller demands for you to smile all time: Give them what they want!

Death in the family? A fight with your friend? Is your job in danger? No one cares! You just need to be concerned with grinning like an Old Navy mannequin all day, every day.

No matter what might be going on in your life right this second, men shouldn’t have to deal with your emotions. That’s why Janelle James invented the fictitious “Smile B*tch Training Camp”!

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A promo for the camp, which you can watch below, is a new approach on tackling the topic of street harassment. Instead of the serious op-eds about how threatening the phenomenon can be to women, Janelle blasts the offensive absurdity of it with some spot-on sarcasm.

Just to make sure that viewers don’t take the tone of the video too seriously, one woman pops up on screen to deliver some reality stating, “Maybe it’s your f*ckin’ face, and you don’t feel like smiling.”

By the way, another great reason not to smile? Getting hassled by randoms on the street that want you to look happy to seem them even though you’re not.


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