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If you listen closely enough, you can hear what guys are actually saying when they hound you with inappropriate advances.

Instead of just trying to avoid the random creeps out in society, Buzzfeed is using a little humor to get women inside their heads.

That guy demanding your time is probably the loneliest man in the world, according to BuzzFeed’s new video, “What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women.” The clip features a psychological translation of what’s going on in a man’s mind when he tries to get fresh with any woman on the street.

The internal dialogues range from trying to seem manly and being completely inept at speaking to women to just wanting to take a confident woman down a peg.

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On the flip side of this issue a prank Website called Whatever thought it would be hilarious to have a guy straight up ask 200 women for sex as a social experiment! Ya get it? Because unwelcome propositions are insanely funny except when they’re not–which is all the time!

After nearly 20 minutes, the man in the video had been turned all but twice. To be fair one “yes” did come from a prostitute in the red light district, and her co-worker didn’t appreciate him trying to haggle on the rate of her services.

Someone really didn’t think this through.


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