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The Creep Squad leaders collide on tonight’s season finale of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Stevie J called Rich Dollaz down to the A to discuss Erica Mena and really to get under her skin. The former two are on the same page about her—that she gets in her own way when it comes to being successful. Rich Dollaz feels like he needs to talk to her to get some things off his chest since word on the street is, she has been talking trash about him. So, Stevie invites Rich to an upcoming peace rally for Shooter’s slain son with the hope of Rich “running into somebody.” Because a peace rally is a perfect place for a reckoning.


Fast forward to Jessica Dime’s baby shower. Things start off without a hitch, but Stevie J thinks this is the perfect time to confront Sean Garrett. Apparently, Sean Garrett told Erica that Stevie said something about her which prompted her angry DM. So, Stevie calls Sean out with the expected results. They start going back and forth and things get really heated, especially as they nearly bump chests. Sean declares that he’ll beat Stevie’s arse and that’s when security steps in and escorts him out.

The petty is all up and through this episode.

Now we’re at the anti-gun rally. Once again, it’s another event that starts off with good vibes. We finally get to the point where Stevie J and Erica Mena have yet another chat about who said what and who did what and they manage to keep it kinda sorta civil, but then Mena gets triggered when Rich Dollaz shows up. It’s obvious that Stevie set this up so she’s pissed. Erica and Stevie start bickering back and forth and then Rich and Erica go to “talk,” but not before Erica calls Stevie a b—h, then Stevie tells Erica to go take care of her son and then tells Rich to “take that hoe back to New York.” Now Rich wants to know why she has been trash talking him. Erica gets so flustered over talking about old stupid stuff that she decides it’s best to leave since this isn’t really the time or place.

Tommie is still suspended from filming but she’s back to make amends with people she may have pissed off particularly Spice. Basically, Tommie did a lot of reflection since finding out her mother was sick, and she was embarrassed by her behavior so she called a bunch of the cast together to give them the rundown about how she’s trying to be a better person. It’s important to note (not really) that she’s wearing a weird neon FashionNova-esque spandex sport set with the butt cheeks cut out because…Tommie. Anyway, she explains to everyone that she’s been going through some things, but she apologizes for her crazy and she even premieres she and Spice’s music video as an extra special apology for giving spice a hard time. Everyone seems to be here for Tommie’s redemption.


Finally, the episode wraps with the typical season finale vignette about who people are moving upward and onward, yatta yatta. And then we see the trailer of next week’s finale and prepare for them to come dressed like they’re going to the prom only to be scrapping like it’s Battle Royale.

See you next week for part one of the reunion special.


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