Model Michell L. Jackson has been independently financing her career through her event planning and catering business.

Brandice Henderson-Daniel, Founder & CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, Inc. and The Cliff Jump Series Determining your life’s passions, as it pertains to work and career may not be as easy for some as it may be for others. Sometimes life’s circumstances and/or other’s expectations for us get in the way of allowing ourselves to […]

Having a full time job while moonlighting with part-time work is not totally uncommon. Many employees have to take on extra work to supplement low salaries being offered by employers these days and/or to rebound from years of being unemployed during the recession. Whatever the reason for taking on additional work while maintaining full-time employment, […]

My boss was aware that I had my own company; it was my company who he made my checks out to twice a month when I worked as of-counsel for a real estate developer in New York (it was as an independent contractor). The job had all the markings of a typical full time job. […]

When things go wrong, some people search for their favorite comfort food, others throw their hands up in defeat. For Brooklyn native, Yvette Gayle, lighting a candle does the trick. Gayle was 16-years-old when she made her first candle and realized there was true comfort in making them. But like many of us, Gayle put […]

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, women are currently out earning men in part time work. Although men, in general, continue to earn more than women in the workplace, the BLS study found that overall women’s earning capacity is drawing closer to our male counterparts. Must Read: Why This Hair Potion […]

The summer months are here and there’s nothing like have extra cash in your pocket to take a girl’s trip, buy those too-expense heels or ball out on beach gear. MUST READ: Know The Rules & Weigh Your Options Before Starting A Side Hustle The summer is the perfect time to generate income as everyone is […]


There are numerous reasons those with “day jobs” pick up “side hustles” to add to their daily routine. These reasons include, but are not limited to: 1. The need for extra money 2. The desire to explore a new career 3. The side hustle is truly their passion I have been to many networking events […]