For years, Lauren London has been giving us slay after slay with her long tresses. Whether she’s donned a super sleek mane, played with color, or flirted with texture, her gorgeous long strands have been a major part of her appeal. However, she’s decided to switch things up and we never thought we would love her […]

"No more wash days, no more pineappling my hair to preserve a twistout, no more hiding from rain or humidity."

From low cuts to protective styles, see her hair journey and find out just how long it took to achieve that Grammy hairstyle.

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New year, new 'do, new outlook on life. Tamar, we see you!

Just as I was playing in my own big curls pretending that my little Walmart fan had the power of seven Beyonce concert fans, when King Bey goes and does the “big chop” (a la Halle Berry).  In real life–we think! The internet is currently going bananas. Some speculate that it’s a lacefront wig. I […]

Black men have always seemed to have something against women with shorter hair. While I won’t make a general statement and say that black men have a fear that a woman will lose her beauty if she goes and makes “the big chop” I will say it certainly seems that way. I recently read an […]