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Hello Beautifuls!

I told you that I’d be back with some answers to your hair care/style questions.  Every week I’ll be answering a few questons that you’ve sent me.  Keep those questions coming!

1. First up is a question from Shelbyinpink:

Hey Kiyah,

For years I was wearing my hair natural (I have naturally curly hair) and it was extremely short. Well I have decided to let it grow out. It’s not long enough for the cute long hair styles and it isn’t short enough for the cute curls. So what can I do with my transitioning hair that I don’t want to cut anymore?

Kiyah Wright: Well transitioning from short hair to long hair is definitely challenging, but as we all know natural hair is also a challenge but the integrity of the hair will stay in good shape that’s for sure. One of my favorite alternatives is adding extentions. It’s no need to wait for your hair to grow when you want longer hair. Add a few rows in back or temple down and “there ya go” long hair. The key is to grow out the layers you can also just cut a blunt cut “bob like” across the back and that will at least give you a cute look as well. Otherwise ya gotta come see me in LA girly!. Speak soon.

2. Second up is from BP Member lovely869


I like to wear my hair natural but I have trouble maintaining my natural curls and it gets so dry. Can you recommend some hair products?

KiyahWright: Maintaining natural curls is all about finding the right products. And there are several it just all really depends on your hair texture, but here are few that I like :

1. MIX CHICKS (leave in conditioner) really good and not a lot of weight on the hair,gives you that natural bouncy look.

2. PAUL MITCHELL foaming pomade is good weighs down and sets the curl as well little greasy but sometimes you have to mix products just to get the right curl.

3. SHEA BUTTER PRODUCTS are good as well because they nourish and set the hair at the same time.

*** Mixing products is good sometimes because all products do different things it all depends on what your hair needs or what look your looking for .. also drying your hair naturally is a good tip as well. Or using a diffuser( you attach it to your blow dryer and hold your hair upside down for volume.

3. And last but not least, here’s BP Member ClassicalGrace

What are the keys to doing the perfect flat iron at home?

KiyahWright: The key to a good flat iron is having a the following:

1. A good aerosol hairspray such as REDKEN WORKFORCE 09  because it helps  seal the cuticles of the hair down.

2. Put your hair in 4 sections to make easier and take small sections starting from the bottom of each section and work your way up to the top spray each section.

3. Only spray the first time you do your flat iron don’t do the spray everyday. Just the 1st day you flat iron, it should hold for the week.

Well ladies that’s it for this week.  Send me some more questions.  I want to make sure you’ve got the healthiest and best hair you can have.  Just ASK KIYAH!

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