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OG And CECE's "Basketball Wives" Viewing Party

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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives was pretty much same ol same ol. You know they’re still playing this long game of telephone, but some interesting things came from the episode, which inspired me to pretty much turns the end of this post into an OG appreciation thread, but hold your horses. First, we learn that Shaq might be trying to get back with his ex-wife, Shaunie. That’s some news that has been circulating on #TheBlogs for the past couple of weeks. Anyway, Shaunie mentioned that Shaq has been flirting with her a lot lately and tried to pretend that it was annoying. It might get on her nerves, but we also know she high key likes the attention. 

However, in the meantime, Evelyn decided to take Shaunie to a matchmaking event organized by her friend. The event was a bust. It was basically speed dating, and none of the men there were ballers. 

That was every bit of shade. Hope you caught it. 

Anyway does speed dating actually work? Do any of you have speed dating success stories to share? Seems like people on reality shows do it for the laughs and inevitable awkward situations that seem to come from these things. 

Let’s fast forward a bit the moves OG is trying to make. We all know OG used to play for the Legends Football League by now, right? She’s retired and figuring what her career after football will be like, but it’s dope that she decided to look into what coaching would be like. This is actually a big deal because there aren’t many women in leadership positions in sports, even when it comes to women’s leagues. OG bossed up and went to her old coaches for guidance. They decided to mentor her and put her to the test at a practice game. We already know that OG’s personality is suited for this type of thing. She’s real and knows how to take charge so it’s no surprise that she actually did well. The way she handled the team was really effective and professional. She never talked down to them, and actually motivated them to play better. Her coaches gave her good feedback and criticism, and in the end, they couldn’t deny that OG has what it takes to eventually become a manager. 

In other news, Jackie Christie decided to launch a solo podcast (she has one with her husband) with plans on becoming a media mogul. Her exact words. Anyway, her show, The Jackie Christie Project, is the perfect place for another ponderosa to go down. She invites some of her friends, but also some of the women from the cast for a fake sisterhood session. CeCe, OG, and Jenn are the only ones who show up, which hurts Jackie’s feelings. You know how she does when she gets caught doing something messed up, she plays the victim and fakes like she couldn’t possibly understand why the other women don’t want to deal with her. She’s also hurt that Evelyn took her to get a lie detector test and she feels some type of way because OG told her that Evelyn said something shady about how they’re not really friends. 

Is anyone ever really friends on this show?

Anyway, the positive thing that came out of this ponderosa is that Jenn actually apologized to CeCe for past animosity toward her and for encouraging Kristen to show OG the text of all the crappy things she said about her because it was an ugly thing to do. CeCe accepts, and they seem to move on for now. 

But then the episode ends with Jackie confronting Evelyn (peacefully, for now) about what OG told her she mentioned about their friendship or lack thereof. Evelyn said she never said that (she did say some shady ish about their friendship though) and claims that OG is annoying and that she’s just doing these things because she wants a permanent spot on the show for a check.

As if Evelyn never did the most for a check. 

It has been cute for them to pick on OG the entire season and I stand by what I said about colorism. While she does need to mind her business at times, nothing she has said thus far has been a lie and none of her behavior even comes close to the worst we’ve seen on this show. She really seems like a real one and like she just wants to get to the bottom of things while taking no ish. I think that’s why Tami likes her, which says a lot because Tami never usually rocks with newbies on the show. 

But, if you know anything about OG’s LFL career then her realness makes sense. She is the same way on and off the field. Are you aware of the time she tackled a woman then twerked on her head? Trust, she’s with the sh-ts, so these women can play with her if they want to be we see her. And this is where our OG appreciation begins. She doesn’t seem to get enough love so, enjoy these fun IG pics of Ogom Chijindu living life!








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