The "Carter V" rapper's outfit was definitely something else.

Here are a list of musicians, from the age of blue-eyed soul to modern day rap, that we didn’t know were White. We are inviting all their voices to the cookout.

VIBE Vixen Presents The Sexiest Rapper Alive list was released yesterday and in my opinion they need to have more than a few seats with this list. Some of the rappers mentioned on this list I can understand, as many people do find them sexy. Rappers like Drake, J. Cole, LL Cool J and Method […]

She was sexually free and did not give a damn about what you thought. She was brutally honest about what she wanted from a man.

Well here’s a new form of double-standard for you…Bow Wow recently shared his thoughts on video models, paying for sex and bad sexual experiences in the latest issue of Ozone Magazine. The rapper revealed that he wouldn’t want to date a girl who’s dated another ball player or rapper and why he considers it to […]