Financial Freedom

Radio One and American Express Serve have teamed up to empower African-American women with a series of expos being hosted by leading urban radio stations across the country. American Express Serve and Radio One, which is the parent company of Hello Beautiful, introduced the One VIP Card from American Express Serve, which is a full […]

In 1979, brilliant business woman, Cathy Hughes teamed up with her then-husband and founded Radio One–the largest broadcasting company that targets African Americans and the urban community. Eventually Mrs. Hughes acquired 67 radio stations in 22 urban markets, making Radio One all that is is today as she passed it down to her deserving son, […]

Ms. Drama caught up with Radio One’s founder, Cathy Hughes to discuss the vision of TV One and why they are focused on the positive portrayal of black people from a black perspective. Ms.Hughes critiqued Mo’Nique’s performance in “Precious” as “the worst portrayal of a black woman that’s ever been in cinema”. She also addressed […]

Radio One Raleigh is proud to announce that Laila Ali will be the keynote speaker for Women’s Empowerment 2010. This year’s event is scheduled for March 20th at the RBC Center.