Entrepreneur Arrion Long created Femly, a brand that supports women during their period and postpartum.

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Who says having your period means you can't go to the beach? Ruby Love saved my 30th birthday trip.

Is it a coincidence that our periods start to sync up with our girlfriends?

Companies around the world are implementing "period leave" to help women suffering from debilitating cramps.


Is it that time of the month again? Most women would agree that womanhood is pretty amazing with the exception of the dreaded period. Ugh!…

There’s so many amazing perks to being a woman. We are nurturing, we can bear children, we are soft. We’re beautiful creatures to gawk at. We can get away with anything with the bat of our eyelashes. But, on the opposite side of that coin, are the downsides to being a female. One of the […]

It’s that time of the month and you have to cancel on your trainer yet again because your cramps are on ten! Story of most of our female sweaty lives. Well, since your Aunt Flow will probably continue to make her monthly visits I have done us all a solid and checked in with PMS […]

Cassie wants everyone to know she’s NOT pregnant…just on her period. I recently told you about the rumor that Cassie was pregnant, after she was photographed looking a little puffy.