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Having your period can be the most uncomfortable, frustrating time of the month. But there are ways to reel in the pain and make it more enjoyable. Flip through to see our tips on how to handle the flow like a goddess.

2. Resist the urge to be frumpy.

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We get it, you feel like crap and you just want to wear sweatpants and lay in bed all day. But how about approaching the red tide with pride? Put on that forgiving stretchy dress and throw on some blush. Feeling better on the outside may help you feel better on the inside.

3. Work Out

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If your cramps aren’t unbearable, get a workout in! Those endorphins will help beat some of the period blues.

4. Take A Bath

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Take a long bath. The warm water can ease cramps and allows you to relax all over.

5. Wear Red

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Call it a wardrobe ode to Auntie Flo. A Pazda study revealed that the color red is automatically associated with sexiness and romance. So while the red on your tampon or pad may make you uneasy, adorning yourself in red clothes will make the world see you as a firecracker.

6. Meditate

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This is the perfect time to connect with your body and your spirit. Finding stillness while your body is going through its cycle is super important.

7. Sex

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If your man is down with the flow, ride that wave! Jill Hechtman, MD, Board Certified ob-gyn and medical director of Tampa Obstetrics says “The blood makes for extra lubrication which can improve the way things feel and improve orgasm.” So this is actually a prime time to get it on!

8. Eat something sweet

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Go ahead and eat some chocolate. Don’t eat it to excess, but at least let yourself indulge a little bit as your body does the work of clearing itself out.

9. Alone Time

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Your emotions and body may feel out of whack, so this is definitely a good time to connect with you. Silence the noise of your surroundings and sit with your own thoughts. Every 28 days (give or take) represents a new cycle. What kind of energy do you want to bring with you into the new month?

10. Rest

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This may not be the time for turn up. Allow yourself to get a little more rest than normal. Of course, if you’re working, that can be difficult. But maybe turn in a little earlier than normal versus watching episodes of your favorite show until you fall asleep.

11. Best Friend Time

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Have some good old girl time. A majority of women all over the world share in the experience of menstruation. Put on some sweatpants and eat in, or, put on your sexiest dress and go out. Whatever you and you girls decide, make the night about celebrating you.

12. Dance

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Connect with the power in your uterus, chile! Do some belly dancing classes and get moving. You uterus is the cradle of life, honor your natural cycle and dance those cramps way.