The same Kanye West that held a paparazzi in a head lock and broke his camera intervened in a brawl between two photographers.

Chris Brown is not having a good month…After his recent Twitter tirade with Raz-B, Chris acted out again in public this week. The singer was followed and bombarded with questions by the paps as he departed My Studio nightclub this week. Faced with questions like, Do you like razberries Chris?the paps provoked the 21-year-old into […]

FROM RAP-UP: It’s not often you see Lauryn Hill out and about, but leave it to TMZ to find the notoriously press-shy star on the streets of Manhattan while leaving the Tanzania Education Trust New York Gala on Monday (April 19). Ms. Hill was friendly and cordial to the cameras, even laughing at times. When […]

It sucks when you have a reputation as a big-time drug addict and alcoholic, because when you’re caught doing things like this, the paparazzi are all over you.

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