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So I’m only pointing this outfit out because I think I just really, really want to know what celebrities do after they’re behind the airport gates and away from paparazzi. Cause according to the info I read, this is Jennifer Lopez at LAX after a flight from Tokyo, and honestly, why the hell would you wear an outfit like that for such a long flight?

In my mind, she rode the plane with a head wrap (don’t act like she doesn’t have one) and sweats and flip flops, took a crazy long nap, then freshened up in the funky airport bathroom before she stepped out in front of cameras waiting around in baggage claim. But since that probably was really her steez, it just makes this airport look she’s rocking here kind of….well. Silly.

It’s cool, Jenny. You’re from the block. Wear your flip flops and sweats with pride… just make sure your face is looking proper for the paps.

Click here to see pics of Jenny on her way from LAX to Tokyo!

And check out homegirl’s hair. You’re telling me she doesn’t put a head wrap on that? Hah.

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