You don't have to go for every little thing, but you should go for these reasons.

Can you ever care TOO much for your job and career? Does the idea of making a mistake, missing a milestone, and/or not meshing well with your co-workers cause you to stay up at night, or even stress during your regular work hours? Have you ever been told to take some time away from work […]

It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur or employee, a work from home mother or commuting 9 to 5’er. It doesn’t even matter if you are a full time stay at home mother with aspirations of starting your own business or returning to the workforce, family will always affect your career, for better […]

Taking a mother’s advice on the many issues in life we may face is not always a daughter’s first instinct. Growing up, many of us rolled our eyes while being schooled on the ways of the world and how life sometimes plays out, whether good, bad or indifferent. Despite any previous tendencies to ignore words […]

Lacking confidence on the job may be predicated by many triggers. For most people, the first couple of months on a new job brings forth some form of performance anxiety. This is in part due to worrying and wondering if the job you are doing is up to par with company standards. As most companies […]

Making mistakes at work is inevitable. Starting a new job brings about its own learning curve, which may prove difficult. Additionally, if you are seeking continued growth in your job, you will eventually take on new projects that won’t provide the same level of knowledge and expertise as previous tasks may have given you. Mistakes […]

Social media is very necessary these days for the edification of most businesses, both big and small. It not only is a cost effective means of reaching current and potential customers, it can also aid in building the visibility and likeability of your brand. Numerous companies continue to engage the masses via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram […]

Work-life balance has become one of the most important issues surrounding employee satisfaction. With advances in technology, many employers and employees are recognizing the need to physically be in an office has diminished. In addition, technology has also allowed companies and their employees to work more efficiently and effectively than they have been able to […]

The decision to seek a second job or additional source of income to supplement a full time career can come about for many different reasons. Taking on another work opportunity may be procured to either further contribute monetarily to the exorbitant rent or mortgage payments required these days, put money aside for a college fund […]