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Many women do not like to rock the boat in both our personal and professional lives, even if we are on the receiving end of wrongdoing. Being less inclined to make mention of illegal activity on the job and/or any issues and situations that violate corporate policy and procedure should not be the norm for women in the workplace. In an effort to ensure you are properly utilizing your human resource department and protecting your career, here are four reasons to immediately speak with HR:

1) If you have been subjected to illegal activity.

The includes being asked to participate in illegal activity and also means if illegal activity is directed towards you. Discrimination, harassment and/or any unwanted physical contact are grounds to make a formal complaint with your human resources department. Every complaint should be in writing, so it may be properly documented and addressed.

2) If you notice any illegal activity going on.

Being a whistle-blower is nothing new. Many employees have had to make the difficult decision to expose illegal activities taking place on their jobs, or by their supervisors. In order to protect your career and your personal life, formally letting HR know about said illegal activity can start the process of covering your behind should something major go down.

3) If you have questions about healthcare provided by your company.

It’s best not to assume what coverage you have. Speak with an HR representative to fully understand how you are covered and also if you have any issues with the offered coverage.

4) If you are sick, or dealing with an ill family member.

Government protections such at the Family Medical Leave Act are provided to accommodate those dealing with illness in their family. You have to go to HR to commence any paperwork that needs to be filled out for this protection.


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