Megan Thee Stallion, aka Mother Fitness, is helping us elevate our sneaker game with customizable Nike Air Max 97s.

These Black female athletes are sparking needed conversations in the world of sports.

Nike wants no parts of this controversy, and I don't blame them.


"I don't have to be afraid to take up space."


"But it would have been cute, right?" the tennis legend asked about her two-tiered Nike ensemble.


Now female athletes won't have to choose between modesty and mobility.

Kenyan runner Geoffrey Kamworor is under fire for these shoes that may have given him a little extra help.

London based designer Ancuta Sarca who is upcycling Nike's in a unique way. Take our poll and let us know if you would buy.

When it comes to larger bodies, fatness is the misfit of marginalized communities. The plus-size population remains ridiculed, disrespected, and isolated.