New York City

James Harris Jackson told authorities that he has harbored racist violent views for more than ten years.

New Yorker Moise Morancy was just being a Good Samaritan; thankfully the police let him go.

But don't worry: Jon Girodes, who's running for New York's State Senate, just got arrested for running an alleged Craigslist rent scam.

A New York City woman pleaded guilty to murder and abuse charges in the 2013 death of a child left in her care. She confessed to horrible abuses of the 4-year-old boy.

Self-proclaimed actress Zaida Pugh says she's sorry for how things turned out, but it could have been worse had she brought roaches with her.

A lawsuit claims that a Black teacher was called "a gorilla in a sweater" with "f---ing nappy hair" and another was made fun of for their “big lips.”

Plus, thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators marched through the streets of New York City.

The First Lady of NYC emphasizes that her city embodies true resilience, strength and the human spirit.

Meanwhile Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who actually choked and killed Garner, still has his badge.

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Bronx-resident Stephen Hewett-Brown wished the stranger a “Happy New Year” before being crushed.

Officials admit they’ve waited for bone-chilling temps before warming up their residents.