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Growing up one thing that was always reiterated to me was that everyone would not like me, plain and simple. Not because there was anything wrong with me but simply because everyone just doesn’t mesh. My mother laid another foundation in me as well that in order have good friends you must also show yourself friendly. Based on the constant argument that Nene has with Porsha it is clear neither of these girls got those lessons as a young lady.

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In this week’s episode friendship was a theme and the ladies may need to answer the age old TLC question, “What about your friends? Will they let you down, will they be around or will they turn their backs on you?”

Last week after Porsha decided that she was going to step out on her own and move out of her mother’s place into her own she failed to mention to her new neighbor, Nene that she was coming. During the trip in Savannah she had already been confronted by Ms. Leakes and accused of being a bad friend what better way to confirm the notion by moving in around the corner from her and not dropping a text or giving her a call to let her know. Truth be told Porsha is a wee bit self-absorbed right now and rightfully so. After being dumped via Twitter and put out of her home she probably isn’t too focused on calling Nene to see what her and Greg’s ashy feet are up to.

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Let’s be honest as fun as Nene is, Porsha is trying to still figure out if the Underground Railroad had a station in Savannah and if her grandfather knew the conductor. Nene needs to let the former Mrs. Stewart off the hook a little bit on being the best little sister ever, instead she should give her some sisterly advice to move out of that big house where her and her echo live.

Who truly should learn what it means to be a friend is Kenya, clearly she’s a bit mixed up on the rules. Her first infraction was butting into the business of Cynthia,  Malorie and the surprise visit. While she wasn’t wrong in her line of questioning the problem with Kenya is that she feels entitled to asking questions regardless if her interrogation is appropriate or not. Sure we all want to know why Cynthia thought it would be acceptable for her sister to stay at her house for two months without consulting her husband but I would hope we’d all know not to bring it up at said sister’s jewelry truck show. To make matters worse Kenya jumps at the first opportunity to confirm Phaedra’s slip up about Porsha living in Nene’s neighborhood. As much as she talks about Porsha being a child and needing to grow up she should learn to take her own advice and stop being so quick to throw someone under the bus for the first inkling of gossip.

As the two most winning women on this show I expect a little more business advice from Kandi and Phaedra to the other ladies. For them to have gone to visit Porsha in her new home means that they failed as friends to keep her from making a poor decision. Porsha has no job, no husband, and is barely holding onto sense but she has eight bedrooms! Mama she made it!

Nene goes on and on about Porsha being a bad friend but the truth is if she was more concerned about helping Porsha get through her difficult time then perhaps she could have convinced her to get a small condo instead of moving across the golf course to play rich. In the end these ladies could all use a lesson in what it means to show oneself friendly because if T-Boz and Chilli want to know anything about these friends the answer is yes they may let you down, who knows if they’ll be around and they may or may not turn their back on you.

Hit me up on Twitter @Hautemommie to discuss your friends – are you a Porsha or a Nene? Let me know! Until we meet again.


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