Natural Products


I’m usually very nervous about trying new products. Maintaining natural hair can be an expensive case of trial and error. Sometimes you come across something that really works for your hair, and other times it’s like, “why did I waste my money?” That wasn’t the case with Alwayz Pretti Hair Care. Talibah Stewart, CEO of […]

Comedian and life enthusiast Kim Coles radiates joy, positivity and the essentials of living a blissful life. Known for her portrayal of Sinclair on the series Living Single, Coles spends time off stage performing stand up comedy and spreading her value for life’s gifts with her gratitude journal, available at Must Read: SHE WORKS: […]

I’ve had a lot of products sent my way for review over the years, and to be quite honest, I usually pass them onto the staff and interns after hearing them “ooh and ahh” around my desk, but that all changed the moment the Pooka basket entered my life. I fell in love with Pooka […]

Most of us struggle with our hair on a daily basis, if your goal is to have straight hair then you need to check out this video: