Eugene Thompson passed from complications to the deadly virus over the weekend after continuing to take on clients in a state that had no mandatory shelter-in-place order at the time. .


Her name was Lanekia Michelle Brown and her family is demanding answers.

A federal report sent to congress in March noted that the 1955 case would be reopened in light of unspecified new information.

Despite the fact that the school is 98 percent Black, it was still named after Jefferson Davis.

Aviana White, 27, said she begged the Pass Christian officer to not tase her during a traffic stop, but he did it anyway, saying this level of force was "justified."

As a result, Jasmine Shepard's mother has filed a federal lawsuit against Mississippi's Cleveland School District for racial discrimination.

The memorial cost more than $8,000, and repairs will amount to at least $500.

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Authorities in Jackson, Mississippi have arrested three teens on capital murder charges in the death of Kingston Frazier, who was in the back seat of his mom's stolen vehicle.

A Mississippi man became well known in his hometown for his open display of love for his late wife, and has erected a loving memorial in her honor.

Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes is raising some serious eyebrows with his controversial comments.

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A Black man has died in police custody at a Jackson, Mississippi jail. Jamal Mallard's family believes something happened while he was in police custody and are skeptical about his sudden death.