Stepdad Russell Wilson perfectly buzzed the 5-year-old's head and it looks great!.

Tuesday morning, the publication that celebrates the world’s most business savvy people, announced Kylie Jenner, 21, was the youngest self-made billionaire, turning the internet on its head. This claim alone was incorrect, she’s not self-made, which, doing what it does best, defined the term for all of us. Forbes, on the other hand, developed […]

Fear, anxiety, or just utter cluelessness about the NBA Finals? We got you fam.


Plus, Michael Jordan donates $5M to the National Museum of African American History and Culture and two more women accuse Bill Cosby of assault, bringing the total number of his accusers to 60.

Vashtie Kola is a mogul in the making. From creative director to model and designer, Vashtie’s resume is as impressive as her sense of style. When the Trinidadian beauty isn’t DJing the hottest parties she’s rubbing shoulders with your favorite rappers. Her lifestyle is definitely one to be envied but will also inspire the sh*t out […]

Dazie Williams wants Michael Jordan and the Nike brand to publicly acknowledge the violence that ensues when Air Jordans are released.

30 black Mizzou athletes who refused to play football until former Mizzou President, Tim Wolfe resigned could have cost the university $1M. Representative Rick Brattin has since introduced a bill to revoke their scholarships.